A chameleon?

We are fascinated by the qualities of the mascot of the specialized event company, Elisabeth Op de Beeck. The chameleon has the facility to adapt to the environment by changing color depending on the circumstances. An ideal aptitude in our company to face the challenges of work and master any eventualities that may arise in the production or development of an event in Marbella or anywhere else in Spain.

The chameleon of the event and communication organization company Elisabeth Op de Beeck, has a fast and long tongue. A highly valued talent in the management of social networks when it comes to establishing successful communication strategies. In other words, from Marbella, we arrived quickly and to everyone.

Lastly, the chameleon’s pet’s eyes move independently of each other. A quality comparable to the office of Elisabeth Op de Beeck, a professional with a solid track record in the organization of sporting and luxury events, where each member is decisive individually or in multidisciplinary projects.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO Dorna (MotoGP)

“Elisabeth, she worked with us for 10 years and it was an extraordinary experience both professionally and humanly. I wish you all the best in your new professional initiative. ”

David Serrahima, CEO Octagon

“When working in teams you always find many professionals who tell you what they do and very few professionals who do what they say, without a doubt Elisabeth is in this second group of professionals that you should always have on your team.”

Kristoff Puelinckx, CEO Tennium Spain SL

“Elisabeth is a great partner for the organization of any event. We had the pleasure of working with Elisabeth in the Senior Masters Cup in Marbella. She made an incredible production in a very short period of time, always pro-active, always with a smile, very organized and taking care of all the details ensuring a successful event. We will definitely be working with Elisabeth again in the future. She is a great professional and a better person. You can be sure that your event will be in good hands. ”

Gerard Tsobanian President and CEO of Mutua Madrid Open

“Elisabeth Op de Beeck has worked in the Mutua Madrid Open professional tennis tournament, she has carried out her tasks in a very professional and reliable way, her positive attitude has also been an important help to solve last minute emergencies as always happens in Great sporting events. I would recommend it without hesitation to any promoter. “

Diego Perez, Director Uruguay Open

“It is a calm and a pleasure to work with Elisabeth. Very good predisposition, always thinking about the details and very organized. Excellent treatment with suppliers and very good contacts in general. In short, a key piece in an event. ”

Mario Guarnieri, CEO Grupo Guarnieri

“Elisabeth is a very professional and efficient person with a very good attitude and a desire to excel. It has been a pleasure having her on our team! ”